How to write a great ‘About Me’ page. A guide for female entrepreneurs

How to write a great About Me page. A guide for female entrepreneurs and small businesses

A great About Me page isn’t about you..

The ‘About Me’ is a page that overwhelms many entrepreneurs into putting it off completely. Many think the About Me page is where you need to show all your unique traits so that people will hire you. That’s so much pressure! Right?

Well, the good news is that your “About Me” should be about your client, not you.

Wait. What? Ok, so hang with me for a second. Put yourself in your clients shoes as they’re searching for the perfect person to hire or buy from. They’ve made it all the way to your website searching for…..a new best friend? Nope. The reason they clicked on your About Me page is that they want to find out if you’re the person that can solve their problem.

Let me break this down.

If your client made it to your site, it’s because they’re searching for something.

Something you offer. They click on your About Me page hoping you’re the person that can help them. They want you to help them, but, without realize it, they’ve got a list of objections in their head preventing them from moving forward with your business.

Addressing their list of objections head on, is what they really want from you.

Everything you write must come from a place of honesty, and authenticity. This is a place to honestly show people how you help them. You still get to be you, but you don’t have to list your hobbies unless you want to.

I’ve created prompts to help you build a powerful about me page:

  • Keep your ideal client in mind at ALL times.

  • Don’t use words that your client might not know.

  • Show your personality with your writing.

  • Keep it brief

Use this strategy along with happy testimonials and a contact form, and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to people that might’ve left after learning that you love to knit scarves (which I do).

  • Warm greeting that you’d offer to a friend.

  • Mention who you are and describe your business.

  • List three common objections your ideal client has (don’t actually include this part):

  • Overcome their objections with how you honestly help them. ** (Most Important Part)**

  • How are you an authority in your industry? What makes you worth listening to?

  • What do you like to do in your spare time?

  • What do you want your ideal client to do next? ex. Call this number. fill out this form. etc.

  • Add a great photo:

That’s it! These questions will help you create all the details your client wants to know, so go stitch your responses together on your about me page.

Time to show up on one of the most important pages! Feel free to add more than one image to this page. People want to see who you are. Make sure each image has your keywords as the “alt text.”


List a couple quotes from happy clients to give you more credibility!

If you’d like to download my fill in the blank guide, it will help you put everything you need together. Download it here:

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