3 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome in Your Personal Brand

Ahh, imposter syndrome… AKA, the feeling that you’re just making it up as you go (and that you don’t deserve it).

The worst — and something I’ve felt time and time again.

Something that you’ve probably felt time and time again, too.

See, we live in a world that literally feeds imposter syndrome. From social media humble-brags to a culture that’s often fostered competition, it’s hard not to feel lesser than or scared or like you’re never really gonna make it.

And then, when you mix it with something kinda scary — defining and building a personal brand — that imposter syndrome can feel wildly overwhelming.

The truth about imposter syndrome

There’s one truth about imposter syndrome that I think is really, really important to understand: and it’s that everyone has experienced it, is currently experiencing it, or will experience it.

I’m talking everyone, too — your fellow photographers, the President of the United States, NFL players, the freakin’ Queen (I mean, have you seen The Crown?!). There’s simply no way to navigate life and try out scary things without it. No way at all.

And, when you can truly understand that? It feels a little better. 

Easier? No, not really. 

But better.

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3 ways to overcome imposter syndrome in your personal brand

While you strengthen and grow a personal brand, you’ll experience imposter syndrome — I can guarantee it. Whether it’s worrying that other people will wonder what the heck you’re doing or whether it’s simply wondering if you’re good enough to do it, there will very likely be at least a few moments where that imposter syndrome sneaks on in.

But, here’s the key: there are tons of ways to overcome imposter syndrome as you build a personal brand. Promise.

  1. Cultivating confidence in your business.

First things first, becoming more confident in your business is the best way to overcome imposter syndrome. Wondering how on earth to cultivate that business confidence? There are a ton of ways, from writing intentions and goals (and making them happen), all the way to obtaining great client testimonials. When you can feel confident about the work you’re doing in your business and on your business, it’s a lot harder to let that imposter syndrome bother you.

And that’s a promise.

  1. Continuing to learn & grow.

I’ve also learned that, when you put your head down in order to be better, you *are* better. It’s why I put such a huge focus in my own business on constantly learning new techniques, trying out new systems, and pushing myself — and it’s why I recommend it so much to my students and my fellow entrepreneurs, too. 

Need some ideas? Try one (or all) of these:

  • Test out some new business techniques that really push your creativity.
  • Sign up for a course or mastermind.
  • Listen to podcast episodes or watch YouTube videos about topics that interest you and help grow your personal brand.
  • Find a mentor.
  • Do things that genuinely scare you.
  1. Investing in your brand over time.

More than anything else, investing in my brand — whether outsourcing or taking courses or hiring a web designer — has helped me get over imposter syndrome. And, here’s why: when you’re investing in your brand and taking the time (and money) to strengthen your brand and give it legs to stand on, the imposter syndrome is a lot less likely to show up. 

Now, do you have to spend tons of money?! No! You can invest more than money into your business (think: hours, time, care), too. And, when you do that — whichever way you may do it — there’s a switch that gets flipped in your brain that reminds you you’re worth it.

This is another reason I recommend personal branding photography so, so much — it cultivates confidence, it pushes you to grow, AND it’s an investment in your brand that pays off. If you’re ready to smash your imposter syndrome to the ground with a photographer who values you over anything else, you’re in the right place. 🙂 

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