Creating Time Freedom in Your Business

As an an entrepreneur in any field — whether you’re a consultant or a photographer — there’s one thing that matters (and gets in the way) more than absolutely anything else — and that’s time.

Whether it’s the time you’re spending working, the time you need to carve out, the time you want to spend on vacation, or the time you feel like you’re wasting, time is what runs through absolutely everything.

And it can be really hard to manage it. Plus, when you became an entrepreneur, you likely wanted to have MORE of it — AKA, you wanted to have time freedom.

Sound about right?!

So if you’ve been looking for ways to start creating time freedom in your business, I’m here to help! As a busy entrepreneur and a mama and so many other things in between, I understand that craving for creating time freedom — and I know how to get it.

First things first: remember that creating time freedom has to work for you.

When you’re scrolling social media and reading articles on productivity (2 of my fave habits, TBH), I can pretty much *guarantee* you’ll find 100 different time freedom techniques that are referred to as the absolute best.

And, want the truth? Only a few — if not one — are really and truly going to work for you… and that is okay! We are all highly different people, and we all have different learning styles, learning methods, and zones of genius. So, while the Pomodoro technique might be what a certain blogger swears by and time blocking helps a fancy CEO, it might not work for you.

There’s nothing wrong with that. So, as you start working on creating true time freedom in your own business, remember that! All that matters is finding something that works for you, whether that’s to-do list making, planning, or something in between.

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Try these time freedom methods

Learning to create time freedom in my own photography business has been a huuuuuuge practice of trial and error, and the things that used to work for me don’t always work for me now — and that’s fine with me! I’m of the mind that time freedom is something that has to continuously grow and change with the person, and that goes for each of us, too.

If you’re ready to start creating time freedom, here are some tried-and-true techniques that have been hugely helpful for so, so many entrepreneurs I know — me included!

Time blocking and time batching: Time blocking is a method where you block out certain pieces of time to knock through tasks — and it can be an incredible hack for *actually* getting ahead on work and being able to implement practices that also give you time freedom. With time batching, you’ll set aside a few hours (or even days) to batch out tasks that are in the same area (like planning marketing content, sending invoices, writing blog posts, etc.), so that you can get ahead without having to constantly switch up the zone of genius you’re using.

And, when you can mix time blocking and time batching together?! Boom. The dynamic duo… truly. If it seems kind of overwhelming, I promise you it isn’t! Instead just choose a task or two a week that you can try this out with, and watch it truly change the way you spend your time.

Delegating a work workspace: As an entrepreneur, I know you know how it feels to struggle with having a work/life balance. After all, it’s hard not to — especially when you genuinely and truly love what you do! And, while it’s obviously a good thing to love what you do, not being able to manage your boundaries and create a balance will lead you straight into a no-time freedom, burnout lifestyle. 

No thanks.

This is exactly why I’m such a huge proponent of dedicating a work workspace — i.e., a spot that you ONLY work in and then get up and leave. This means that you’re not working from the couch most days or answering emails from your phone while you lie in bed — it means that you do your work at your workspace, and then you move on with your life. 

Raising your rates: And, we’ve done it — we’ve made it to *THE* most important part of creating time freedom: AKA, raising your rates. See, when you raise your rates, it’s possible for you to work less and still make more money… which is very much the ultimate goal. 

Now, trust me — I get it that raising your rates can be a scary, stressful thing. I know that there’s tons of mindset shifts that have to be a part of rate raising, and I know there’s some fear involved. However, you deserve to charge the rates that give you time freedom and flexibility… and sometimes you just need a little encouragement to do that.

Here’s your encouragement. 🙂 

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