Client Feature – Tracy Graf with FUSE Communications Training

What does your company do? What do you do, specialize in or excel at? What makes your service or product special?

FUSE teaches individuals, teams, and companies to communicate effectively, stimulating collaborative innovation and business success. We are one of the only Denver-based, female-owned companies that provide communications skills training and the only U.S. provider of many of our course offerings.

What’s your story? How did you get to where you are in business or how was your business started?

Tracy Graf is a communications coach with 17 years of leadership experience in senior marketing and public relations roles with prominent international corporations. She led teams of marketing professionals to grow revenue for over 25 prestigious international brands in her positions with Vail Resorts, Life Time Fitness, Disney on Ice, and Ruder Finn.

In 2015, Tracy began transforming her marketing communications experience into a successful path coaching teams to communicate more effectively. She is now increasing sales revenue, employee retention, and customer service scores for a variety of companies including several Fortune 500 tech companies, one of the world’s largest hotel operators, and a world-renowned research university. From these experiences, a new brand has emerged – Fuse Communications Training.

What impact are you trying to have with your business?

Develop more cohesive and productive teams, leading to organizational growth

What is the piece of advice you’d give another woman in business?

Set realistic boundaries for what you can accomplish in a “normal” workday and stick to that. Don’t let your work take over your personal life also. You won’t be successful if your business is making you unhappy personally.

Any big lessons you’ve learned along your journey?

If you try to be everything to everyone, you will be nothing to everyone. Pick a niche area and maximize it to its fullest ability.

What was it like to work with Art of Her?

I had no photos that conveyed the group learning environment that Fuse provides. I needed more than words to explain how much teams enjoy their experience with Fuse trainings. We now have a website that communicates the variety of warm, welcoming, fun trainings we provide. Our website now clearly expresses, via Art of Her’s photos, that we offer trainings that include computer simulations, presentation skills and team cohesion. We are in proposal discussions with five new clients in the short two weeks since our website has launched with our new photos. High-quality photos, which Art of Her provides, are the best way to express the essence of your business in a quick snapshot. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so true. People consume information so rapidly these days, that they rarely take the time to read words. However, people cannot help but consume the message that a photo conveys when it is presented to them, even briefly. Good photos = great marketing. Your investment in good photography will be returned tenfold in a short amount of time if you post the photos strategically.

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Facebook: @FuseCommsTraining


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