Realtor Headshots | Real Estate Agent | Laura

Realtor Headshots – Real Estate Agent – Laura

It is always amazing to work with someone that you totally click with! These realtor headshots were a total dream to create because it was a complete melding of vision. Laura is a gorgeous, hard-working, down to earth, funny, boss lady that needed pictures for her real estate business. She wanted a complete overhaul of her marketing images, and to create something that she would be able to use across many social platforms. If you’re looking to find out how to get your own real estate pictures, check out my guide.

Laura is based out of Colorado Springs and has a unique take on her real estate business that involves her taking on a role that is much more than just a seller. She really wants to do it all and make the process incredibly simple and full service for her buyers.  We wanted to show that she’s a bit of a laid back girl next door, but that she can also wow though higher-end clients.  She wanted to also capture environmental photos of the home to use for her blog posts.

We found an incredible home in Denver that we were able to use as a backdrop for our photo shoot. We took so many pictures that work perfectly for her upcoming blog topics that there is no way I can post them all. She was so easy to work with and had me laughing through our entire photoshoot. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out and hope to have the opportunity to work with Laura again in the future. I cannot wait to watch how her business grows.

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10 thoughts on “Realtor Headshots | Real Estate Agent | Laura”

  1. This session is great! You provided such a variety of photos that she can use on her website and social media, from incredibly professional head shots to more laid back shots that will make her relatable and approachable. I especially love all of the gorgeous natural light coming through the windows!

  2. What beautiful head shots! It is so important as a business owner to have a variety of different head shots to promote yourself, and you did an amazing job!

  3. Sarah Holladay

    These are stunning headshots! I love how warm, relaxed and yet professional they feel. Working with someone who clicks with you is totally a gift!!

  4. these are so so rad! I seriously need to get some corporate headshots like this! I love the natural feel and the variety in styles and outfits that you provide!!

  5. I love all her outfits Especially the dresses. You did a great job with these real estate head shots. The background is clean and bright. So pretty!

  6. Great variety! She looks so friendly and approachable, these are the perfect blend of professional and personal. Love the house you shot in, and all her outfit changes, a great gallery!

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